Frozen Fields


Anki supports sticky fields. A sticky field is a fields whose value is not deleted when you switch to a different note. This can be very usefull if you are making many notes in which a field either has the same value or changes very little. Unfortunaly, marking a field as sticky is quite complex and breaks your workflow.

Frozen Fields allows you to conveniently mark a field as sticky (freeze) or not sticky (unfreeze) a right from the note editor. It’s much more convenient than the default way. I honestly don’t even remember the steps to do this the traditional way anymore.

To freeze/unfreeze a field, just click the adjacent snowflake. A blue snowflake means that the field is frozen and a grey snowflake means that the field is unfrozen.


New in this release are a number of shortcuts for controlling the state of your fields:

  • F9 – toggle field between frozen and unfrozen
  • Shift + F9 – unfreeze all fields

You can customize these shortcuts by editing the script. A list of all possible key assignments can be found here.


Toggling the state of a field via the mouse may cause the editor to jump around in some cases

Source code

The add-on’s source code is available on Github. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome!


The Frozen Fields add-on for Anki is licensed under the GNU GPLv3.